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In response to a demand from the Australian Anglican travelling public for personalised touring options, Canterbury Tours was created in 1999. Since then we have offered individual, private, specialised tours for groups of like-minded travellers, wishing to visit and enjoy many of the wonderful religious sites of mainstream Christianity. Canterbury Tours generally does not offer pilgrimage type tours, but we do offer enjoyable tours to places of Christian significance, whilst also endeavouring to include all the exciting locales that are on the normal tourist trail. Generally, our tours visit Europe, the United Kingdom and Ireland, and the Middle East.

Hot Destinations

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The stunning city of Budapest is a highlight on any itinerary. Straddling the Danube River it is rich in culture, amazing architecture, history old and new, and impressive city squares, bridges and castles. This very welcoming city dates back to Roman times.

Bran Castle

Who doesn’t love a good horror story? Even since Bram Stoker penned his famous novel about the predatory vampire, generations have been fascinated with the legend of Dracula. Based on the real-life Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia, Bran Castle in Romania is where it is all supposed to have happened!


The holy city for Christians, Jews and Muslims alike, Jerusalem is a fascinating walk back to ancient times. Although now a bustling modern city, it’s importance to people of faith is predominant and attracts millions of tourists and pilgrims every year.

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Over the years, many of our itineraries have focussed on particular sites of historic religious significance, some have had a biblical focus, and some have been a joyful celebration of our cultural heritage.Most of our groups are small and we guarantee that our tours are private ie we do not join up with any of the established tour organisations. We travel with our own air-conditioned coach (sometimes a small one, depending on the size of our group); we have our own local guide (sometimes additional individual guides in the various cities and locations); we have an Australian host travelling with the group – usually to offer a spiritual aspect if required; we endeavour to include as many of those aspects that other larger organisations consider ‘optionals’ eg entrances, sightseeing and meals; we use medium standard accommodation in hotels or monasteries, all with private facilities. Our tours are all ecumenical and we welcome guests of all religious affiliations – or none.Apart from the organised tours with a particular focus, that we offer each year, Canterbury Tours is also able to arrange an individual tour for your particular group. Whilst we specialise in tours that visit traditional religious and historic sites and cities, we are also able to offer you itineraries for groups whose special interest is theatre, music, education or local culture. Our guests are usually people who have similar interests and who delight in travelling with a convivial group of like-minded individuals.

Please contact us if we can help you in planning your special group adventure.